GDPR Regulations – Protect Your Data



GDPR regulations which have come into effect means your business is liable for any data breaches. Your business could incur significant fines resulting from these breaches.


Are you aware that your network printers and scanners can be a source of vulnerability unless the appropriate precautions are implemented?

Are you aware that legacy printers and multi-function devices may have unencrypted hard drives that can store a trace copy of sensitive information such as your scanned, printed and copied documents.

Unencrypted hard drives, unsecured printed and scanned documents pose a real threat to your data protection.



How can Eurotech Office Equipment help your business comply with GDPR regulations?


Depending on your requirements Eurotech can provide the following..


Data Encryption

Multi-Function Devices which ensure your prints, copies and scans are encrypted, helping you keep your business GDPR compliant.


Data Security Kit

Multi-Function Devices with “Data Security Kits”, that completely erase and overwrite any                                            traces of documents that are printed, copied or scanned on the MFP.


Private Print

We can implement “Private Print” on your Multi-Function Photocopier.

What does this mean for your organisation?. Private Print allows end-users to send print jobs to the MFP and store them, without printing, until the end-user is ready to collect them. The end-user can go to the MFP at their own convenience and enter a secure pin code to release the print job. The result is the sensitive document is completely secure until it is ready to be collected.


High Security Office Shredders

Office Shredders with cross-cut technology ensure your shredded office documents are completely destroyed. Sensitive documents laying around on desks and unsecured areas pose a significant risk to GDPR compliance.





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